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About Wiseguard Security Services


Wiseguard Security Services was successfully established in august 1997 in Johannesburg.



We boast a massive fleet of vehicles all equipped with mobile two way radios for efficient communication with all our sites and control room.  Our fleet enables us to cover all our sites in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas as well as Pretoria.



With our head office situated in Johannesburg, it enables us to cover Johannesburg CBD, Sandton, Wynburg, Randburg, Germiston, Eastgate, Roodepoort and their surrounding areas.



Our sub-office in Pretoria is also situated in the CBD.  This enables us to cover Pretoria CBD. Pretoria west, Westpark, Pretoria North, Danville, Gezina, East Lane, Silverton, Hatfield, Arcadia, Sunnyside, Waterkloof, Brooklyn, Menlyn Park and the surrounding areas.



All our staff is selected after in-depth screening processes and applicants should possess a minimum of standard eight (8) education, a security officers' board certificate and other relevant previous training certificates.



Successful staff members attend refresher training courses which cover all basic related requirements.  Intensive on-the-job training is given and ongoing site training regularly performed.  Intensive firearm courses are held for our armed staff at our well established shooting range.  Staff promotion is based on merit giving our members on only a job but also a career.



Wiseguard employs quality supervisors who are screened and S.O.B registered are well trained and experienced in the security industry.  The training of guards on site is carried out each time the supervisor is patrolling the site.  All sites are regularly visited.



The standard of Wiseguards’ uniforms is a stylish outfit depending on the client’s requirements.  All new recruits are given their uniforms free of charge.  Paramilitary uniforms are also issued especially in industrial areas.



Both senior and operations managers are exposed to our clients to enhance a personalised services.



A full job description is drawn up by both parties and mutually agreed upon prior to commencement of services, and this forms part of our services.



All prices quoted will remain fixed for a period of thirty (30) days.  We will remain fixed to the above information and we hope it meets with your approval and look forward to hearing from you.




Over the years, Wiseguard has realised a lot of dreams and has been awarded a lot of ground breaking contracts with some of the most recognised government departments and organisations in the country.  Some of the highlights of our successes as a company include being nominated as one of the best emerging companies by Impumelelo.  Further, true to our commitment of offering quality security solutions and services, Wiseguard complies to all regulatory quality measures adn has significantly been now accredited by the South African Bureau of Standards on ISO 9001 quality management systems as a quality Security Services Provider.


Other Criteria considered for entry into South Africa’s to 300 were


  1. Sector / Market Leader
  2. Quality of Operation
  3. Economic Growth
  4. Size of operation
  5. Innovation / Management
  6. Employment Equity Policy
  7. Strategic Contribution
  8. Creative Marketing
  9. Quality of Service
  10. Quality of goods


We are proud we at Wiseguard Security Services meet this criteria

True to our commitment to offering quality security solutions and services, Wiseguard complies with all regulatory quality measures and has significantly now been accredited by the South African bureau of Standards as a quality Security Service Provider.